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ReadySpots is excited to offer these new television spots for Halloween. They are available as fifteen, ten and five-second spots that have one simple job - spread holiday cheer and promote brand awareness.

We are offering these with instant downloads and no license required.

Halloween Video Cards

(Broadcaster Adds Removed Elements)

Each spot is offered in lengths of fifteen, ten and five seconds long. They come BARE so your production team can easily customize for your clients - drop in a logo, add a VO tag - you have the flexibility to do whatever you like. These are perfect for any business that wants to promote themselves in a subtle way, promote a sale or simply wish everyone a happy and safe halloween.

You can buy them ala carte or in bundles! Previews are 15-seconds long with a logo to demonstrate what a finished spot might look like.

Witchy Moon
Length | :15, :10, :05

A flying witch with a signature laugh flies across the screen followed by bats. Company logo and greeting can be added at the end.

Howl at the Moon
Length | :15, :10, :05
We start with a howling wolf then move on to a hand that presents the company logo at the end.
Haunted Moon
Length | :15, :10, :05

A haunted house with a full moon backdrop. Company logo and greeting added at the end.

The Hand
Length | :15, :10, :05
Is it a hand from the grave? Of course - It's Halloween! Company logo and greeting can be added at the end.

Jack O'Lantern
Length | :15, :10, :05

A fun Jack O' Lantern provides the backdrop for the company logo and greeting at the end.

Spiders & Bats
Length | :15, :10, :05

What would Halloween be without spiders and bats? Company logo and greeting can be added at the end.

Skeleton Cemetery
Length | :15, :10, :05

There's nothing like a spooky graveyard to get you in the Halloween spirit! Company logo can be added at the end.

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