Our Recent Releases

Here are just some of the new spots we have released in the last few weeks. Our production department is busy developing new creative to present in your market. All of these spots can be easily customized for new or existing clients. We're here to help you sell!


Kitchen Remodel

Bath Remodel




Business Sponsorship


ReadySpots makes it easy for sales teams to pitch creative to clients with no station contracts and minimal costs.


  • Quick Turnaround
  • No Shooting Required
  • Full TV & digitial rights
  • Very Affordable

What to know

The spots are licensed by DMA, so you should check with us to make sure it is available in your market.

You can present to a client by utilizing the full-screen function on our website or we can email a low-resolution copy to present on a tablet or laptop - you DO NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE FIRST.

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