The challenge in selling television often lies in the creative. Advertising on TV makes sense to most businesses, but obstacles get in the way:

Quality of production – will my business be portrayed in a professional manner?
Message – how will my business stand out from the rest?

From your perspective, you have the same concerns and more:

How can my clients afford good creative and quality production?
How long will it take to produce - when can I get them on the air?
How long can I keep them on the air?

Introducing ReadySpots - a different kind of sales tool.

Here's What's Coming!

In 2022, we are excited to announce that we are moving to a flat-fee pricing structure. This means we will reduce the costs and offer more ways to purchase our spots. Prices for each spot will soon be displayed directly on the page. In addition, we are offering some bonuses that will really help your sales and production teams.

B | A | R | E (Broadcaster Adds Removed Elements)

In order to make our creative even more affordable, we are offering a number of our spots without customization. This means your production team can add voice-over and graphics and save time and money. This also gives you the flexibility to work on your timeline. Need a spot right away to pitch to a client? No problem! You'll have the BARE spot (and script to work from) in minutes with almost 90% of the commercial already complete! Buy them individually or save even more with our monthly subscription program.


Just like before, we are offering all our spots with full customization - you provide the information and we add the voice-over and graphics and deliver a spot that is ready to air. Use them as you need them - no station contracts required.

What People Are Saying

  • "The best way to sell advertising is to take someone an idea. ReadySpots has gotten me in doors I could never get in before. Prospects who would never consider TV will buy if you show them a well-produced idea that they know will get results. ReadySpots are all great looking spots that sell. And, they make it so easy. Just don’t tell my competitors about it!"
    Pat S. - Account Executive
  • "These guys are great. ReadySpots is lightning fast on responding, creating and delivering a professional quality product. They will do the work, think of the ideas and write the scripts. I couldn't be happier to leave it in their capable hands!"
    Julie M. - Account Executive
  • "ReadySpots has been able to provide great production for a number my local clients. Their creative has also helped open doors with clients that were looking for unique ways to stand out from the competition. Their (ReadySpots) pricing, service, turnaround time and follow-up is great. I highly recommend the whole team at ReadySpots to all my clients."
    Kathy S. - Account Executive
  • "Our first deal was worth well over $50,000 to two brothers who own competing auto dealerships. Thank you ReadySpots for your help! And YES... we are already looking to see what we can do next!"
    Rob H. - Local Sales Manager
  • "Love working with you guys at ReadySpots and our clients love the end products - commercials are awesome and quick turnaround! Thank you for making us look good in the eyes of our clients!"
    Connie F. - Digital Sales Manager

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    Here's the form:

    What your clients see, is What your clients get

    It is easy to present creative when your clients know exactly what they’re getting. The example spots on the website are an extremely close representation of the final product. Naturally, the voice-over and graphics will be tailored for each client. ReadySpots will guide you and your clients step-by-step in that process. Eliminating doubts about the message and quality of production allows you to focus your efforts in other areas and really push the benefits of television advertising.

    Clutter-Free advertising

    We by-pass the bad habits of local advertising by demonstrating a simple message that is presented in a clever way. ReadySpots keeps the copy and graphics lean to exhibit a more effective way to communicate to TV audiences.

    Here’s how stations are using ReadySpots:

    • To book meetings with new clients.
    • To call on clients who have been off the air for a while.
    • To show clients that are new to TV what their campaign will look like.
    • To get clients on the air fast - sometimes within 3 days!
    • To go back to clients who were not happy with creative the first time around.
    • To give their overworked production department a break.
    • To add an emotional element to the pitch.

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    New Campaign


    Current Spots:


    In Production:




    Are we moving too slowly?

    If you see a category in our list that is coming soon and you're interested, let us know - we'll speed up production and make it available to you if we can.

    Are we missing something?

    If you don't see a category in our list that is coming soon and you're interested, let us know - we'll get working on a concept so you can present it to your client.

    The process is quite simple, really


    Look through our library of pre-made spots to find what might best fit the needs of your client.


    Present the spot(s) in your pitch to the clients. They can better visualize what their spot will look like.


    Give us the information we need
    to customize the spots. We deliver a finished spot, ready to air.

    There are no upfront costs - only pay if the client wants to move forward.

    We're Ready When You Are

    Once you find the spot(s) you would like to customize, then it’s time to get to work.  Naturally, we’ll need a few things from you:

    • Information – in order to customize the spot, we’ll need the information you would like to include in it. But don’t worry.  We’ll guide you along the process.  To make it easy, we’ll provide you with scripts that point out the areas for customization of the voice-over.

    • Company Logo – part of the customization is the graphics, so we will need a digital copy of your client's logo. This should be large and the highest resolution possible.

    Selling spots to your clients

    ReadySpots will work with you in the selling process and provide support as needed. This means we’re available to answer questions, offer suggestions and lend a hand via phone or email. You will have access to all the sample spots to download to a laptop or tablet in order to make presentations to your clients. Many of our categories have multiple spots to run as a campaign to keep clients on the air longer and provide a turn-key solution. This also helps the client to see the “big picture” easier

    Flat-fee pricing allows you to work with a client’s budget and map out a plan that results in maximum success.

    You may choose to subsidize some (or all) of the production and licensing fees for clients who commit to air-time buys at a level that makes sense for you.

    Frequently asked questions

    What does the fee include?

    Your fee covers the cost of customization of the spot - voice-over and graphics, plus includes market-based licensing for one year. There are no additional costs for uploading the final spots to the media outlet you choose.

    Can I get a custom spot made?
    Sure. If you have a client that is not in a current category and would like us to produce one or more spots, we’d be happy to do so at or around the same cost. We offer this because we want to build our library – which means ReadySpots would retain ownership just like any pre-produced spots in our library.
    How much of the voice-over can be changed?
    Naturally, existing scripts will not be an exact fit for every advertiser. So we will work with you to craft a script that works within the concept and fits the needs of the client. In most instances, the concept allows little room for deviation. However, we recognize that unique situations arise, and we’re pretty creative, so let’s talk about it!
    Do you offer discounts for buying more than one spot?

    Some categories come with a series of spots that are meant to work in conjunction with each other to present your message more completely. We have special pricing to buy all in a series, but you are also welcome to buy any spots ala carte. The reason for the discount for a package is because there is less work for our team with the graphics. That makes sense, right? With that said, should you decide later to buy more after you just bought one, we'll discount the price.

    What information do you need to customize a spot?
    There will be plenty of conversation when it comes to getting spots customized, but there are really only a couple of things we need to make it happen - the information the client would like to convey in the spot and a digital copy of their company logo.
    What is the turnaround time on the spots?

    Since these spots are (almost) ready, it doesn't take long to get them on the air!  Once we get the information from you, client approves the script for voice-over, then it only takes around 3-5 business days.  Sometimes less!

    What if a client wants to make changes to a spot that has already aired?
    Clients can make changes at any time. To keep it simple, a low, flat fee is charged for each requested change.
    Will you customize a spot for a client in order to help me close the deal?
    ReadySpots wants you succeed. So, yes, we will customize spots prior to client purchasing. This will entail a non-refundable fee (to cover our costs) that will be deducted from the production/licensing fee after the sale is made.
    Can clients use the spots online?

    Yes.  Internet usage is allowed. In fact, we have special pricing for clients that would like to use the spots for digital use only.