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Save time and money with pre-made television commercials ready for broadcast or digital advertising. Our vast library of professionally-produced spots allow you to see how your ads will appear to your audience. You’ll work with our advertising experts to make small adjustments to the script and we handle all customization of the spots and deliver to your media provider. By licensing a spot, you can save thousands of dollars in production costs and get your ad in front of your potential customers in a matter of days. With more and more categories added monthly, it doesn’t matter if you are an attorney, roofer, own or manage a collision center or even have a small chain of laundromats - chances are, we have a spot for you. And if we don’t already, we’ll make one!

How It Works


Look & Like

Take a gander at our library. Find your category and choose a spot you like. Don’t worry if it doesn’t say exactly what you think it should. Yes, there may be some details that would need to be changed - that’s part of what we do for you. The spots on this sight are an example, but do closely reflect what the final product will look like. You just have to use your imagination a bit and see your logo and hear your name.

Contact Us

If you're liking what you're seeing, then we should start a conversation. Complete the form or call us direct. We’ll let you know the licensing fee for your area. There are slight variations in price depending on the size of your market. But the price you’re given is the price you pay - all customization is included in that price.

Let's Do It

If all sounds good, we’re ready to get started. We will send you a script that you can easily modify to reflect information that pertains specifically to your business. Upon script approval, we’ll use our nationally-sourced professional voice-over talent pool to complete the audio portion. Then we’ll insert custom graphics and your logo to finish it off. Once complete, we’ll send you a link to a preview copy that you can view online. Look it over, make sure everything is correct. Make sure it’s perfect. We want you to be 100% satisfied.

That's All

After we get your final approval we handle everything from there. We will provide a broadcast version to the media outlet of your choice. If you are new to the process, we can even assist in getting your spot on the air through our many broadcast partners.

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