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ReadySpots is proud to introduce a new product offering that contains series of spots with informational content that is easily customizable to a variety of businesses.

Multiple Categories

Each series is like a super-charged FlexSpot because they are not limited to just one type of business. Some are so generic, they could be used for any type of advertiser!

Multiple Formats

Every spot in the series is provided to you in multiple sizes so you can not only advertise on televsion but also push out to all your social media outlets. This creates a consistency in all your advertising, building brand awareness.

Benefits of Walking

This series points out the benefits to your mental and physical health by walking thirty minutes a day. Each 15-second spot highlights one benefit. They are all fully produced and available BARE and customized and suitable for any health-related business.
  • Total Spots:
  • Spot Length:
    15 seconds

Want to see the entire series?

Sample Spot

How to use these spots

The beauty of this series is that you are not limited to how you can use them. Each station might have different wants and needs. It is our suggestion that you make the series exclusive to one advertiser. This is a great way to brand a business without "selling" - which scores lots of points with ad-bombarded consumers.

Suggested Advertisers

Like we mentioned, these spots are super-flexible! Any business in a health-related industry would work great:

Chiropractors, Physical Therapy, Weight Loss, Wellness, Health Foods, Fitness, Senior Care, Footcare, Shoes, etc.

More on the way!

8-part series
6-part series

Don't miss out!


  • Quick Turnaround
  • No Shooting Required
  • Full TV & digitial rights
  • Very Affordable

What to know

The spots are licensed by DMA, so you should check with us to make sure it is available in your market.

You can present to a client by utilizing the full-screen function on our website or we can email a low-resolution copy to present on a tablet or laptop - you DO NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE FIRST.

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